Engrave failure

Fairly new to Glowforge & Inkscape and after a few hours looking, I can’t find a solution to my problem. I’m fairly certain something got screwed up in the process of converting my dxf into svg, but I’m not experienced enough to know what.

My process:

  1. Exported a sketch from Autodesk Inventor to dxf
  2. Converted dxf to svg (Inkscape kept reporting a failure when trying to import the dxf directly)
  3. Tweaked the svg to color the lines and add a fillet.
  4. Loaded the svg into Glowforge and everything looked good
  5. Engrave missed some spots.



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It took me a bit to figure out that I had to look at each layer glowforge saw. You have to make sure each h one is set to engrave, score or cut. The one I did, it wouldn’t recognize one of them as engravable so I used score which actually worked well for my project.

This is a long shot but looking at the art there are areas that didn’t cut that look like there are duplicate lines - they’re showing up a different shade of purple when I upload it. I can’t check the art because I don’t have that program on this computer - but if there are duplicate lines it will not do anything.


Exactly this. Many parts of your design have duplicate, overlapping paths. Duplicate paths are ignored by the machine.

Also, your shape outline has double paths like you outlined a stroke. Was this your intention?



I think that’s it - and I’m guessing something that happened in the dxf -> svg conversion.

Not sure why/how the stroke got outlined - is there a way to undo that?

thanks for the help!

If you want/can share the .dxf, I’d be happy to open in Inkscape and see if I can tell.

Put it in a .zip file to upload.


Give it a shot

dragster.dxf (331.1 KB)

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Got it, but won’t open in Inkscape for me. Sorry. File appears OK - opens in F360 just fine. I just can’t tell what caused your issues.

I checked AD Inventor specs and it doesn’t appear there is another compatible format.

At least I’m not crazy - thanks for trying. I took out the double bits and I’ll try cutting it again on Monday.

Try https://convertio.co/image-converter/ to go from dxf to SVG (or many other formats). It should give you a good first step. The image looks pretty good to me but needs some clean-up after conversion.

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That’s what I used. Didn’t realize it would need post processing - lesson learned.

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Thanks for the answers, everyone.

Could you please let me know if the advice from the community helped get you up and printing with your design?

Worked perfectly - I missed a couple of small duplicate pieces, but I at least know what caused the problem.

Thanks to everyone for helping out!


Thanks for reporting back.

Just a note, if the hole in the top tab is meant so it can hang from a string, you might want to move it down to the center of that tab, otherwise it will likely break thru the top.

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100% better!

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at support@glowforge.com. We’re here to help!