Engrave glitches with detailed vectors

Here’s an interesting data point, before going any further. All I did was open your “UH-60 profile export.svg” file in Illustrator and immediately re-export it with the following unauthorized settings:


and it loads fine. File attached if you want to confirm for yourself. The holiday houseguests have started to arrive, so I may not have more time tonight to search for the option that breaks it, but this may at least help to explain some of the controversy. There are enough checkboxes and menus in both Export and Save As that two people can be having an argument over whether it works or not, and both of them are right.

UH-60 profile export chris1

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That is interesting. I had not yet had a chance to read through your post on recommended settings. I had used these settings for export.

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So, I assume that the Styling setting is the one causing the problem.

What’s also interesting is that when I used Save As on the file, I forgot to disable the Responsive setting, and it still worked.


By the way, I can confirm that loading my Export version and re-exporting it with your settings does fix the file.

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The only other thing I’d suggest now that you’ve got your settings figured out is that you’ve got both stroke and fill on the path in the original file. I’d go set the stroke to no color on your path.

Since you had different colors selected for the stroke and fill you’ll probably save some engraving time, but no guarantees until you try it :slight_smile: .

You might want to switch to a score instead of engrave for this kind of art as well, would be way faster and likely give crisper lines.

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Unless I’m mistaken, a score wouldn’t have handled the varying line weights in the original art. Everything would have been reproduced with a single “laser-width” weight, and thus the variation in the drawing would have been lost.

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Are you referring to the files I posted, or some of the others? As far as I can detect, I have no stroke applied:
UH-60 profile-revised.zip (60.4 KB)

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You’re right. It must have been the original file that I looked at.

Show us a picture when you get her engraved again :slight_smile:

Final results (will be framing this for a friend who’s a Black Hawk pilot):


I have friends that build these who would like that too. Great quote!


One way to get varying line weights is to have them different colors in the art. Then either do different levels of power/DPI or defocus the laser for the lines (colors) you want to be darker. You get vector score speed with similar results to engraving varying line weights.

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Thanks for the tip; I’ll have to experiment with that.

Old laser tip, not an original :slight_smile: One advantage to being a relative graybeard in the tech.

One disadvantage is I keep forgetting stuff I used to know :smile:


Thanks for letting us know about this, @jtbarrett.

I’m glad to see you got it to print! Since you’re in good shape, I’m going to close this thread, but I will make sure that the team continues to investigate what happened.