Engrave individual lines

So I’m working on this pen/pencil holder, and want to have the Glowforge engrave these individual lines,
However, when I load it into the GFUI and select engrave, I’m just getting a big diamond.

I’m using Illustrator, and I’ve tried a few things but it’s not yielding the result that I need for it to work. I don’t believe I can score the lines due to how they join at the peaks. Can this even be done?

Assuming you are you are saving as SVG, not the PNG you uploaded, you need to score, not engrave. Engrave for enclosed objects produces a sold fill, as you are seeing.

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Well that sucks. :stuck_out_tongue: The diamond scored fine with the draft settings - I was worried that it would char so bad at the tips.

I save my files in PDF format, just wanted to post the small bit of the project as a PNG as it’s still a work in progress. SVG files and I have a love/hate relationship… a little less on the love. :slight_smile:

PDF works fine as well, a lot of people prefer it.

If the lines are decorative, you can also play around with defocused score - just bring the focus up off the material. It widens the beam and “softens” the edges, if that’s a look you desire.

(the ones with +0.5 were defocused. The pair on the right were with the lens in upside-down, just as part of the experiment…)


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