Engrave lost on import

I don’t know if I’ve forgotten something obvious or what, but I have a simple SVG file that is a circular disk with a slot cut in it. There is an engraved ring around the edge of the disk, that forms a sort of dado. The cuts are in red, the solid engrave area is in blue. The problem is when I import the file into the interface, the blue engrave area doesn’t come through, only the red. I’ve attached the file. What am I missing?
Round living edge box for LED puck - Top inset

It looks ok to me, you just need to change the engrave step to “engrave” in the UI after you import the file.


Thanks Chris. I figured it was something stupid. For some reason I was thinking The outline cut and the slot were in different colors, so when I saw there were only two sections in the interface I thought it missed the third, which would have been the engrave. I haven’t been using the glowforge lately - I guess I got rusty!


Yes, it looks like both cuts are red so they were combined into one step.

Rarely, when I really care extra, I make my outline cut a different color from all the interior cuts so I can do it last and ensure the part doesn’t shift when it falls out.


Me too. I usually do it that way, which is probably why I thought I did it this time.

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This is ‘supposedly’ one of the requirements when submitting designs to the catalog, too.


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