Engrave on black tile

The previous owners of my house left behind a bunch of black glazed tiles. I figured I’d try engraving, since I haven’t done anything on tile yet. I’m very pleased with the result and made a set of coasters for myself. The moth illustrations came from rawpixel.com where you can find a number of good quality public domain images.



What a nice result!

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Straight off the machine, or filled?

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I filled them with metallic paint pens, but they still looked nice straight from the machine. It was a more subtle look though, and I wanted to bump up the contrast.


I thought it looked like silver pen.

Previously in metallic pens on black tile:

Wow, those really pop!

Gosh, those are amazing! Now I want some black tiles…

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Terrific tiles! Well done!

Nice engrave. And thanks for a new resource (to me, anyway).

Thanks. There are a number of museums that have been making their collections available in the public domain including the British Museum, the Met, and the Library of Congress. The New York Library also has quite a few. You can find more through the museum websites, but rawpixel puts a decent selection from all of them in one place and at high resolutions.

Nice set! It’s great that you made them for yourself … my projects usually live somewhere else.

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