Engrave on lower corner of cutting board

Hi everyone! Title says it all. I am trying to engrave a “W” on the lower left corner of a cutting board and it doesn’t place the W as it’s seen on the screen. See screen shot:

It prints farther to the right and into the juice groove. I tried “Set Focus” directly over the area I want it to print on but it didn’t work and I Set Focus on the center of board same result. Maybe I missed a step but any help would be appreciated!
Thanks Joe

Looks like lower right corner to me.

Have you run the calibration process? That should get you within 1/4".


If your calibration get you within the 1/4" specs, you might still bleed into the juice groove.

Are you engraving without the honeycomb tray? If so, is the board elevated so that the surface to be engraved is within the 1/2" focus range of the Glowforge? Are you using the set focus before placing the artwork? Can you move the board any further to the right?


Try taping off the area where you want it and do a score with a power of 1 or 2. Then remove the tape when you have it exactly where you want it (don’t move the board). I have found that to be about the easiest way. The burn doesn’t go through the tape so you haven’t messed up the piece.


If you have the board 1- 5/16 inch from the bottom to the top . that is the same as having the crumb tray in with 1/8 bord on it .

Did you do this part before lining up the image?

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It looks like your crumb tray is out - have you raised up the cutting board so it’s within 1/2” of the laser head? (At the same level of the crumb tray top to 1/2” above)

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