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Had to replace the actual fobs for my car keys, so thought while I’m at it, why not make myself a new key ring fob, too. Just because I can. Used some scrap thick clear PG acrylic and was looking forward to doing a deep, 3 D engrave. Only choice was HD engrave. My question is; were my engraving options limited because this is a font and not a vector?


Probably because it was a vector and not a bitmap. (We only get the Photo Engrave options on raster images.) :slightly_smiling_face:


jules is correct. remember that a font by default is a vector, unless you convert it to bitmap.


The reason behind is that vector engraves are single power operations - the UI doesn’t recognize vector gradients.


Well, now I feel silly…I just found out stuff I really didn’t know. But, I know now and I’m just a wee bit smarter…thanks to all my gurus.

Your’e all the best!


Turned out lovely, in any case!

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Ooooo, nice!

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If you ever want a deeper engrave, especially on acrylic, you can always pick one of the proofgrade settings available, then go to manual settings and slow down the engrave or increase the power. That will make it engrave more deeply.

I see on certain types of woods the proofgrade settings are normally 1000 speed for standard engrave, and 500 speed for 3d engrave.


Thank you. I remember that now…sort of…but, didn’t think of trying it in time to do it on this piece. It’s not a really important piece anyway, so hopefully I’ll remember all of this good advice next time I’m wondering about this.

You can always make 2, or 20! Haha

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especially since I can use SnapMarks! :grin:

And, BTW…happy happy day of the cake!

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Thank you! And snapmarks are amazing!


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