Engrave settings for 3\4" Maple Hardwood

Anyone know a good setting for a 3\4" Maple Hardwood for a cutting board. I’ve searched all over the internet and not much help with maple hardwood settings. Thank you!

Any particular reason you wouldn’t use the proofgrade maple hardwood settings? I’m assuming you are wanting to engrave as 3/4" is a bit out of the capability of ‘cutting’ in the GF. If you use the proofgrade setting then you can tweak as needed.


Fear I guess. I will try it.

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:slight_smile: If it’s not dark enough, as long as you don’t move anything, you can rerun it and it will cut at exactly the same place making it darker.


The board is a sample board but didn’t want to cause a fire. Lol

But it’s maple hardwood and there are proof grade settings for maple hardwood. I’m confused why you would think they would be dangerous.

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It isn’t the thickness that matters. Wood is wood is wood, so the Proofgrade settings would be a good place to start. For material of that thickness, however, you will need to remove the honeycomb tray and elevate the material about an inch, then use the set focus tool.


Thank you that was my next question. Sorry newbie here.

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We’ve all been there and understand hesitation of messing things up :crazy_face:

The only issue is using a PF setting. When you go to adjust where did it start? It shows the same setting for every piece of material. How do I adjust it?

You choose the material - medium cherry plywood will have a different PF setting than medium clear acrylic. Select the material and the PF settings self populate. If you wish to change the settings, click the item, click back, then choose manual.

I understand all of that but if you choose a different material and click on item and hit engrave, manual all the settings are at full speed lowest power. So if I go adjust it I have no clue where it started.

You can click the arrow next to a proofgrade setting and a fly out menu will appear showing the proofgrade setting.


I see that now. Duh thank you for your help and patience with me. I have another quick question. What is the set focus exactly for? Do I focus just on an item if it’s a single item or to the whole piece of wood?

The lid camera has a fisheye lens that is corrected in the software to show an image more consistant with what we think we should see. If you use the set focus tool, the camera focuses on that spot and adjusts the view accordingly which helps a great deal in placing artwork where you want it to print. If you are printing different things in different parts of your material, use the set focus repeatedly. It is a way to get better alignment of your design. The set focus tool is different than the auto focus which reads the height of the material to better focus the laser when it is actually cutting/scoring/engraving.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the answer @dklgood, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!