Engrave settings to slow?

So for Baltic birch 1/8 I have my engrave settings at 565/71… I own a pro. It looks great but I feel like this is super slow. It took over an hour to do this

You left off the biggest part of the equation: lpi.

He easiest way to reduce your engrave times is to run lower LPI. It can reduce your quality but it’s up to you what looks right.

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Ahhh it was 225 lpi

Hmm 225 is already pretty low.

In general wider is better. If you can squeeze them onto 3 rows instead of 4 you may see improvements.

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Thanks everyone !

For that much overall space over an hour sounds about right. Engraving isn’t a speedy thing.

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You could test 195 LPI and then set the material height as thicker than what you are engraving.

This creates a “de-focused engrave”. Think of the laser focus like an hour glass. Most the time you want the waist of the hour glass at the surface of your material to get the skinniest cut. But if you move the hour glass up or down (aka the focal point, aka setting the Material Thickness higher or lower than your material), you can make your focus dot wider and less powerful. Then set the power of the laser higher to compensate.

I use this trick all the time, especially when I am just wanting thick lines, so I defocus my Scores :wink:

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