Engrave the curve of the Master Sword

I wonder can Glowforge manage to engrave the curve of the Master Sword.
How can I put the 3D file into Glowforge?


it could theoretically do 180 degrees of it as long as there are no overhangs. you’d need something like a depth map of the 3d model looking straight on, and you’d only be able to do it on a relatively small scale.

if you’re steady enough you might be able to heat warp flat acrylic.

there are a few other ways you might do curved surfaces but it’s a lot of conjecture and finish time.

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If you mean engraving on a curved surface, that is to be implemented in future releases of the UI. Right now I believe we can only do flat.

Also is that small enough to fit inside the forge or the passthrough on a pro?

If I am correct, that is the Master Sword that came with the Collectors Edition of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Which means its the size of a letter opener, so yes it can fit easily.

It is also something I think is awesome. :slight_smile:


So your saying I can’t halve a guy with it? No fun there…


If you wanto to do that you need something like this


Sure you can…either little elves or lots of whacks :slight_smile:

When you come across a body in the forest that’s split in half, you don’t stop to argue technique and criticize the number of strokes required :smile:


Fair enough

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So enough derailing…(my bad)

Anyone have a better answer then the above?