Engraved Colored Seahorse

Engraved then colored with high quality colored pencils (found this technique on YouTube). I’m trying to figure out the best way to seal it, however, without losing detail. Some on YouTube have said to use a wax on furniture polish. Anyone have other ideas or concur? The color doesn’t rub off or anything, but I want to seal everything so it doesn’t get stain by other elements over time. I have spray on picture sealer, so I wondered about that as well.




Lovely job!


This looks fantastic! You should spray it with a poly acrylic - comes in spray cans like spray paint.

Ohmygosh, it’s breathtaking! Really stunning artistry.

Beautiful work!

Ah! You picked one of my favorite seahorse graphics! (Looks great colored… that must have taken a while.) :grinning:


Very cool technique! I would think a product made for sealing pictures would work, but I have no experience with it.

Cake day for Jules! :tada::+1::sunglasses::heart:



I would be tempted to try finishes on a test piece before committing something so beautiful.

I have used Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish (65 ml) on many things. It gives a beautiful finish on well prepared wood.

And, as an added bonus Brenda (or one of her minions) has given approval, so can’t be bad!

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No it didn’t, actually. I have been wanting to do something with that seahorse for a long time since my downstairs bathroom is beach themed. Lol when I looked up Pyrography on YouTube, there was a lady who used colored pencil on a hummingbird and flower pyrography and I thought wow! I can do that with laser engraving too lol. I’d love to claim that artwork but I don’t know who the artist was. It was a coloring pattern that was included in the Pigment app on my iPad. :smile:

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The color is fantastic! It really brings out the detail.

I used idea to make a craft project for my kids:


They had a blast coloring these and kept asking me to cut more.


Isn’t it wonderful when your kids demand you cooperate with them in the act of creation !
Not just doing it, but being a partner in their excitement.

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