Engraved Logo

This Glowforge is amazing. We were able to take a JPEG image of the athletics logo and engrave it into the Proofgrade Maple Plywood.


Cool looking logo! :grinning:


very nice!

this is one place where i would recommend what someone else was asking about earlier. a light score around the word wolves would help define that more since you have such a light engrave to keep the color difference.


On a related note, defocusing the laser by changing the depth of the score operation will make the line thicker (and lighter).


Very nice, and a great thread on tips!

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I will have to look that up. I am still so new to Illustrator Iā€™m not sure how to do that with a JPEG.

you would have to create an outline of the word. with something relatively simple, in illustrator you can use image trace to create the outline.

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Cool! I really like the two toned look.

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