Engraved Painting on Acrylic



I received my Glowforge a few weeks back and I have been going ham working on gifts. Here are some.

Engraved on acrylic. Then washed with black or grey acrylic paint. After, details added with oils, or acrylic (Whale shark was all acrylic paint).

Enjoy! And feel free to let me know if you have any tip to make them better. I am still learning to be arts-y.


What a unique technique! :grinning::+1:


:smile: You’re well on your way, these are delightful!


The coloring is amazing! These do not look lasered at all.


These are so cool! I love the texture that the GF gives, and then when you paint them, they really come to life! The tree frog is my favorite.


Awesome technique! The color really makes the creatures come to life.


Your designs look so 3D that I thought the first one was an actual lizard sitting on your acrylic. You have a great talent for this. Beautiful work. :grinning:


Y’all are too nice! Thank you so much.

I love doing them. I’ll definitely have more coming, and with practice they will only get better!