Engraved Siding for a Colleague

For my day job I’ve been working on a winery addition. Our contractor sourced siding for the building using old redwood tank staves. They ripped them down and made tongue and groove siding from them.

During the project the Project Engineer had a baby. I thought it would be fun to make him a gift. I took a scrap peice of siding, designed a font and some other accoutrements and whipped this up to celebrate his baby girl.

Turned out ok.


Gosh, that’s gorgeous! I bet it smells good, too.


Love the leaf pattern looked like woven ar first


That is really great! I love using reclaimed wood.


@cynd11 it smelled REALLY good when we first got it, like aged wine. After sitting on the site for a couple months it faded a bit, and then after it was engraved it smelled terrible, but that’s only because I don’t like the smell of burnt wood.

@rbtdanforth thanks! I used CAD to make the repeat, then made the dimensional toning in photoshop. Was inspired by Art Deco motifs.

@designvh619 this is some of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen, with tight clear vertical grain. Nothing newly harvested comes close. We got really lucky, and our contractor is a rock star for sourcing it.


Umm, HE HAD A BABY? I really like what you made and all, but HE having a baby is a much larger deal - pretty ground breaking. :thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I tend to think of parents as a unit, while keeping firmly in mind what it means for each member of the unit. I have never met his wife, which is probably why I typed a bit carelessly.


Obviously the this is David typing, right? :laughing: :worried: :uhoh:

My kids do that too - I’ve seen us referred to as Parental Units…

Probably other ways we’re referenced that were worse but we haven’t seen :grin:


Don’t read the text messages! :laughing:

As we all should. Takes two to create a little one.


The engraving is just beautiful!!! Love the font you made also!

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Thank you! I didn’t like the Deco fonts I had found so I figured I’d make my own. Haven’t done the entire alphabet yet, but probably should.

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