Engraved Tiered Bowl

This was a proof-of-concept project to get a design engraved on a tiered bowl. Maybe someone can suggest better engraving designs for a such tiered geometries.


Oh, that’s pretty good. I like the choice of designs, you didn’t try to do too much. Something like this probably won’t do too well with a highly detailed engrave, I think you balanced it nicely.

How strong is the end result? Looks like you eyeballed the alignment and did it by feel? (I don’t see any registration marks). I suppose you might have done it with a layered jig? I’m curious about your process, if you’d care to share.


Wow, how clever. I admire you for being able to think your way through that design!


I like the spread engraves! Kewl! :slightly_smiling_face:


The Baltic Birch tiers are about 0.140 inches wide and when glued by eyeballing positions, the finished bowl is rigid. But no drop test yet. The tiers were generated using the Interpolate extension in Inkscape. Interpolate works well for the square shape which has no high radial derivatives. From this nested tier result, generate each tier (color fillable), copy and position each one on top of another with desired rotations. Drop the silhouette design onto this tier stack, and use Intersection to cut the piece of silhouette for each tier. Group the silhouette piece with its tier, copy and reassemble in the original nested orientation. Now Union the silhouette pieces or use the Bezier pen to draw the outline of the pieces. Finally place this outline onto the original nested tiers. It’s ready for Glowforge engrave and cut.


What a lovely (and innovative!) bowl. It looks like it would be perfect for holding snacks (like wrapped candies or the like) for card parties. On second thought, no, that would cover up the cool design. You should only put transparent things in the bowl.


Here’s a photo of the bowl in the Glowforge before gluing the tiers.


Thank you for writing up your process! Very neat project!

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So fancy! It turned out great!