Engraver won't work

My machine goes through the engraving motion but does not engrave. Any ideas on what I should do?

What are your settings?


There are three possible reasons for that:

(1) Your settings. If you’ve set the power too low, or the speed too high, you won’t be transferring enough heat to the surface to see a visible engraving. Going into and out of the settings panel, sometimes the power gets set all the way down to 1, which won’t mark anything. Make sure you’re using the correct settings for your material.

(2) Your design. If your artwork includes overlapping engrave areas, the Glowforge treats that as a “do nothing” area, and will go through the motions but not engrave the overlapping parts.

(3) Something’s actually wrong with your machine.

To rule out #1 and #2, load up the “Gift of Good Measure” design in your design library, the one Glowforge asks you to print when you first set up the machine. Print it on a scrap of Proofgrade material at the default Proofgrade settings. Make sure it says “cut”, “score” and “engrave” under the steps on the left hand side, no custom settings.

If the gift of good measure prints, then the problem is either your settings or your design.

If the gift of good measure doesn’t print anything either, then the problem is a broken machine, and you’ll need to contact customer support as your next step.


Thanks I will try that. I used the auto settings.


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