I did a pencil sketch yesterday for #makevember and thought I would try to engrave it today.
Here is the original sketch, its about 3" in diameter

Here are 3 engrave types all on :proofgrade: maple after scrubbing with lava soap and a tooth brush.
I like the Photo the best and the 3D the least, they are 1.75"d

And here they are with black shoe polish rubbed in the first and brown in the last 2, Here I like the 3D best and the photo the least.


Gorgeous! :grinning:


Oh, they are beautiful! And your art is awesome.


Glowforge really came through with the Engrave Function, didn’t they?
These are amazing


Talent abounds! Beautiful sketch! Love the 3D with the brown polish.


Beautiful. I wish I could figure out a way to do this with metals. Am thinking there might be some way to do it with photo lithography and etching.


i just started playing with etching images with gradients and was wondering what the difference would be between graphic, photo, and 3D settings … this is a great illustration! thanks


This is a remarkable comparison - thanks for sharing!