Engraving 1.87" Block

Hi, New to glowforge and need help!!! I am trying to engrave wooden baby blocks and cannot figure out how to place multiple blocks side by side and set the design on the app. The laser keeps engraving in a different spot than showing on the app. I am assuming it has to do with the height settings, but I’ve tried adjusting the material thickness and setting focus, but not sure exactly what I should be using for a 1.87" wooden block. Thanks

With the tray removed use “set focus”. Then place your design.


I tried that and I kept getting a message that said material is either too small or too large

Your best bet may be a jig if using the set focus tool fails.

When using set focus, make sure the red beam lands on the block. Try placing the block directly under the lid camera.


Have a look at this post: Classic Alphabet blocks


ahh! let me try this. I cut out a grid, but I didn’t have it raised to the height of the blocks. Thank you!!!

You do have the crumb tray removed right?


And you watched the red dot shine on the block?

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I saw the red dot. I believe I am good now! I set the design to the jig and first block seems to be printing properly now. Thanks for all the help and quick Reponses!


I’ve had trouble getting the autofocus to work on items that are near 2" tall as well. Sometimes I’ll have to “set focus” on the item multiple times to get it to take. Or, I give up and manually set the focus height. The actual clearance under the carriage plate is a bit less than 2". Glad you got it working.


good to know. I was trying to set the manually material thickness manually, but that wasn’t working. Curious how do you set the focus height?

You set it in the “focus height” box in the engrave settings panel. Valid values for focus height are between 0 to 0.5", as this refers to a distance of 0" to 0.5" above the crumb tray. So if you’ve removed the crumb tray, you have to subtract its thickness from the thickness of your object. If your crumb tray is 1.4" thick, then the focus height for a 1.87" block would be (1.87 - 1.4) or 0.47". I don’t recall the exact thickness of the crumb tray at the moment, but it’s around that. The same math applies for setting material thickness in the “use uncertified material” panel if you tried that.

Got it. I’ll have to try that if I run into an issue. Thanks!!

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