Engraving 2 sides of something?

I was wondering if there was a way to engrave both sides of something small like a coin. I know I could engrave something on one side flip it and engrave and cut out on the other side but I see there being problems with getting it properly lined up. I have tried cutting and engraving one side but then when I flip it I have problems with the machine registering something so small in order to try and engrave that side. Any one had any luck/success with doing this??? Thanks

Prepare both files, one for each side and superimpose them, one atop the other in different colors for each side. Set the cut stroke in a third color
Place your material on the bed and secure it so it can’t move. Enable one of the colors and the cut while ignoring the other color (side).
After the cut flip the token, ignore the side you just did and enable the other.
I use Inkscape for the design work, and by placing one design on top of the other you do all of the registration in your design software so you don’t have to fiddle with it in the glowforge user interface.

I have printed 6,000 tokens like that and all were registered perfectly.


if you want to make sure the rotation is perfect on both sides, you can use two cuts.

first side, do the round engrave and a square cut a little larger than the eventual final circle.

flip over, with the square keeping the rotation perfect.

engrave the second side, then cut the circle.


Pretty sure there was a write up to this. Let’s see.

Aha. Previously:


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