Engraving 3rd Grade Student Artwork on Tile


I recently collaborated with a 3rd Grade art class to engrave their line drawings onto tiles that they had colored. Being able to simply scan it in place was awesome!

New photo by Taylor Jenkins


Here is a photo of the original artwork laid out for scanning, prior to engraving:

New photo by Taylor Jenkins


Those are great! :grinning:


It’s so fun to get kids into all facets of art!


Great idea.


I’m predicting you are their favorite teacher! Very nice work.


What an awesome project and a way to introduce kids to another “artform”! :0)


It was part of a school fundraiser. It was very successful!


@cynd11 I’m not their teacher, just a parent volunteer, but yes, the kids had a wonderful time, and were so excited to see the finished work. Thanks!


Great way to engage young minds! I’m sure the fundraiser was a success.