Engraving a Disneyland ornament

I just had a customer ask me to engrave this ornament that they bought at Disneyland. I’m not 100% sure what metal it is and they’d have to ship it to me before I could really tell. Has anybody engraved one of these? I just want to make sure I won’t destroy it if I try.

I don’t think you will destroy it. The laser won’t leave a single mark on it because it is metal. You’re going to need to buy a marking spray to get it to show up. Use the search function to look for metal engraving and a bunch of posts should come up about it.


I was more worried that it was some cheap pot metal that might bubble or something. But yeah I’m not too worried about the engraving stuff I just didn’t want to damage the material beyond the engraving

That I don’t know. The description already says it has imperfections, and the two metal circles have glitter. You could mask them and make a jig so you only hit the center circle. I didn’t see anything to indicate the center has glitter on it.


Thanks for the input! I do appreciate it.

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