Engraving a picture on a plate

I am trying to engrave a picture onto a plate. I have tried adjusting the power and the height of my material, but can’t seem to get it to engrave. Do the pit on the side have to say engrave on them before the machine will actually engrave it?

Posting in this section opens a support ticket, and unfortunately Support can’t help with non-PG materials. I’m going to move your post over to Beyond the Manual, where we’re allowed to discuss non-PG settings without arousing the ire of the Friendly Neighborhood Lawyers, and other forum members can chime in with help and suggestions. :slight_smile:


Okay, now that we’re all legal and stuff, I think the first thing we need to know is what settings you’re using.

The thumbnails on the left will only say “engrave” if you’re using PG settings; otherwise they’ll show your selected speed and power.


We had it set on engrave with the speed on 300 with full power lines per inch at 450 and focus height at 0.5.

Not sure about the settings, since it really depends on the materials in the plate, but a focal height of 0.5" makes me wonder if the beam was too defocused. Did you measure the distance from the head to the surface of the plate, or use the Set Focus tool?

No we didn’t, and what is the set focus tool? We are new to the machine.

Did you go through the “Your first prints” tutorial that was linked at the end of your setup process? That will save you a LOT of frustration in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:

This section will help you understand focus and settings better:

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We did we just got really excited and wanted to do this project I may need to go back through and read all of it one more time and write down some of it so I always have it in from of me.

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Is there any way of getting back to the first tutorial on the glowforge

Support link at the top of every page:

I linked to it in my message up above.

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