Engraving a Walmart Hard Covered Sketchbook


I’ve searched the community but can’t find anything specific to Walmart Sketchbooks.

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried engraving them. I bought a small one for test runs and I want to engrave the larger one for my stepson’s girlfriend. Looking for advice for settings.

Have never tried any sort of paper before… the advice I have seen so far is about 1000 speed and about 30 power? 340 LPI. I have it set to “auto” for depth because I don’t have digital calipers.

I created my own design in Inkscape and it uploaded perfectly to the GFI (so I’m happy at least I’ve got that part down now…)

Do those settings sound right? Any further advice is definitely appreciated!

Depends on the paper. I work around 10-12% on cardstock. You were wise to get a small one for testing. Testing a new material is the only way to go. For an unknown, you can start low and work up. I usually keep the speed at top and adjust power up until I get what I’m after.

If you don’t move the work, you can just run it again and it will engrave in the same spot.
It’s a treasure hunt. Don’t deprive yourself of the joy of discovery!


The thing that I anticipate problems with is that the smaller one I bought is thinner than the larger one. If I use auto height, will it convert the settings for the thicker, larger book? Also a bit nervous about the metal binder spiral?

Yes, set focus will correct for the additional thickness. The chipboard or whatever paper product the cover is, the smaller and bigger are probably identical composition. Once your tests result in a depth you like it should replicate fine.
The spiral binding isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t exceed the 1/2" focus limit with the tray in. With the machine off, you can put the book in, open the front door and look under the gantry while you move the head over the notebook to be sure it clears the air assist fan duct on the bottom of the head carriage.

If the spiral wire is greater than 1/2" you can remove the tray and shim up the book. This is handy to be sure your work is within the focus range.

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Thanks so much. It’s def thicker than 1/2”. I’ve never attempted thicker material before, so will def appreciate that! Thanks again!

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