Engraving alignment platform

I recently got a contract to engrave a large number of very small spoons. I created a holding fixture for engraving 5 spoons at a time but the problem was how to align the text perfectly every time.

So I built an alignment platform that gets my projects directly under the camera and in the exact location every time. Now all of my repeat engraving projects are perfectly aligned without making adjustments in the dashboard.

Anyone with a table saw and a dado stack will immediately see how to make one. But for those without these tools I am selling them on Etsy. Four height shims and two guides are included.

If you favorite the listing on Etsy you will get a code for 10% off.


Welcome to the forum @GrampasRusticDecor. Nice fixture.


Welcome! We call them Jigs here, I use cardboard from Amazon shipping boxes, but yours is much more professional!


Thank you. I do a lot of signs and wanted something that would work for all of my projects.


Very nice.

People who don’t have snapmarks can learn to use these just as accurately.


No one else wants to know more about the tiny spoons?


I guess not. They are provided with a special blend of honey.!

The Glowforge did a great job of engraving on these itty bitty spoons.


I love the spoons! This is the photo I was looking for when tiny spoons were mentioned.


Nice spoon! I assume then that the file you upload has the exact same grid layout in it? Then it is a matter of alignment grid to grid.

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Cool idea for an adjustable jig! Possibly if Snapmarks were added it could be even better (I haven’t thought it through yet though).


The problem with permanent jigs is that the Glowforge calculates its zero on startup, and it can vary.

It shouldn’t vary by much and it may be accurate enough for what you’re doing, but it can and does vary by small amounts. If you need the highest level of accuracy and require a reusable jig it’s best to use a kerf-corrected double cut method.

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I have engraved these spoons on three separate occasions with no adjustments on the dashboard layout and it has come out perfect every time. If the zero moves each time it must be by less than one hundredth of an inch in the vertical axis or I would see the misalignment on the engravings.


Yup, see above re:

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I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. My machine resets so accurately that if you score a design, turn it off, move the head, turn it back on, and repeat the score, you can’t even tell it was scored twice. It’s very repeatable.

I posted pics of that here not too long ago.

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Thanks for all that detail about how you did this. Nice tiny spoons, there,


Now that is a jig!


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