Engraving an okoume guitar body

Will be interesting to see how it turns out. I engraved a raw tele body today for a buddy. He’s starting to build guitars for the fun of it. Selling, but not looking to make money as much as have fun building.

So he brought me this body today to engrave the Jamisons logo on it.

I’ll update this later when he’s finished it.


Looks cool! :+1:

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Not sure if its my browser or not but i can only see a white screen and hear the audio.

Interesting. I see what you mean. On my computer, I get no video. On my phone, I do. And using chrome on both.

Here’s a still of the really short clip.


awesome never tried it on my phone will check it out there

That’s awesome!

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He’ll love it … because how could he not?!

i totally forgot to come back and post final photos. finished with multiple coats of tung oil.