Engraving and cutting issues

We are getting frustrated with support. We send multiple emails showing images then it takes days to get a reply. Then they ask for more images etc? Then this just keeps going on for days. We have orders to fulfil. This back and forth doesn’t help. Poor customer service

We are experiencing engraving issues. Mostly lines are jagged and won’t cut through or jagged edges. Not smooth as before. We notice the head lens as a small scratch. We are not sure if thatis the problem. We have ordered new lens yesterday. Have anyone had or experience the same issues? Waiting for Glowforge to reply with a resolution seems to take forever.

So, you’ve opened yet another support ticket by posting in the Problems and Support section, which just slows down their response time, so it’s best to stick with your email support ticket once you’ve opened one.

A scratch on the lens wouldn’t cause jagged edges. That sounds more like a cracked wheel, loose belt, or debris on the rails / belts. It could contribute to not cutting through, however.

There are a lot of things that can cause the issues you’re having. Support can’t physically see your machine, so they have to ask for photographs to rule things out. If you search the forum for similar issues you can anticipate a lot of the photos they may ask for, and supply them up front to save time.

I hope they can get you up and running again soon, good luck!


Hello @manuelamendoza,

I have just reviewed the existing support ticket that you have open with us, and have responded to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and I will continue working with you over email.