Engraving and cutting

Getting this error. Entire file was put together inside glowforge app
Any ideas how to fix ?

Filled shape is open

Filled shapes must have closed paths. Edit your artwork to remove the fill or close the shape.

Some of the images in the Glowforge library are from the Noun Project and have this type of error. Not all of the images were vetted before Glowforge made them available to its users. You can export the file from Glowforge, open it in another program such as Inkscape and rasterize it or you can try using different images from the Glowforge library.


Or you can fix any overlapping lines to go in several directions depending on what you want to do. Text frequently has this issue and Union frequently fixes it. Anything rasterized of course will only engrave. Cut and score will not be available for that part of the image.

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