Engraving AR mag

Awesome! I cannot wait to try. This on my stuff!

I’ve been color filling mine with paint after using the settings further up in this post. A bunch of the guys in my unit like the look of the paint. But this mag was one I had messed up on so for kicks I tested full power and it made a pretty deep engrave that shows a lot better. I think I’m going to keep testing the higher power settings on this mag until I find what shows the best.


Were these the same settings as mentioned previously in the post or did you find better settings?

I ended up staying with the original settings. :slight_smile:

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Just got my gf yesterday. Could someone post the best settings? Still learning how to use it. Thanks very much! Can’t wait to test it out!

I tried my glowforge on an old surplus metal mag and the test came out great. I love how it turned gold.


Looks sharp!

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Does it have some coating on it that turns gold?

No, that is they way they came out. I guess these older surplus magazines have some sort of anodizing that the laser turns gold.


Do you happen to remember the settings used for this? Looks great!

Wow this looks awesome. Good job!!

Wow! That looks awesome. I’ve seen a lot of examples of laser engraved PMAGs, but most of the people who do them say that it only really works well with a fiber laser, for some reason. Basically they are bleaching the color out of the plastic. Some of the PMAGs on here look better than I thought was possible, based on stuff I’ve read elsewhere. Nice job!
Your metal mags are really nice. I’m about to go throw one of my old mags in and try it out.

I’ve tried 4 different settings on one and I can’t get my pmags to look anywhere near as nice as these :frowning:

I love this! Do you mind sharing the settings you used?

Sure. 90% power full speed. Vary power with I think 320lp inch resolution. You have to take the tray out and do the math on where to set thickness.
I could have done less power I think but my test worked so I stuck with it.


try the speed around 500 or 600 with that detail. Power around 50 and the LPI over 450.


This is the engrave on a newer “OKAY” metal mag, kind of interesting it came out silver as opposed to the gold on the other mags. My PMAGS are still not looking as nice as some of those pictured though.


What settings did you use for this? Looks stellar!

Sorry for the lateness of the reply, I don’t check in that often.

My notes say 600, full, 340lpi.

Here is my attempt