Engraving Brass

I have a customer who wants a brass rifle round (a reload shell basically) etched/engraved. I used the same process I’ve used before on stainless steel metal, cleaning first with denatured alcohol, applied Endurmark Black and then engraved it with a power setting of 90, speed of 800 and 450 lines per inch. It looked great but wiped right off. Does anyone know if there is a trick for brass?

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Is it supposed to work on brass? I know with Cermark one type works on brass and one doesn’t.


If it wipes off then either it’s not the right formula for brass, as @jbmanning5 pointed out, or the power was not sufficient (either too weak or to short of a time to burn.)


Well now, there’s a thought lol. I suppose I need to call them and ask.


I wonder, too, if there’s any sort of lacquer on the brass or if it’s straight up bare metal. You may need to dissolve a coating in an acid bath of some sort.


the plaques that are from Johnson Plastics have black lacquer on it and you use the laser to remove everything but what you want (negative image). You could try that. paint it first.

full speed
50 power

The guys at Enduramark were extremely helpful! He indicated that for soft, uncoated brass, I would need to use full power and a much lower speed. Due to the way brass absorbs heat, the slow speed is needed for it to mark. I’ll test it and post results!


On a rotary engraver I would use an oxidizer to get my engravings to get dark. I could get a black engraving on brass.

Waiting to hear back, but have to wonder if anything is able to physically etch into brass, what does that do to the strength of the cartridge>

Would love to see a photo of your setup for engraving a (presumably) cylindrical object.

Or just buff it with some 0000 steel wool to remove any coating.

I recently did this, and got a pretty good result using Dry Moly Lube on brass. Can’t think of the settings I used at the moment though.


Brass does nicely when you get the settings right. These were done on my Universal laser.


Do you recall what settings you used? Enduramark is recommending using Full Power at a slow speed?

Of course, I wouldn’t try this with a loaded round. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That would earn you a Darwin Award.



Might be useful in this situation:

(But a spell check is in order :rofl: )


ROFL! I love that! :rofl:


I can’t find my settings just now…but yes, I do believe it was higher power and lower speed…
Hope you have a few to test on. If done correct, the marking is doesn’t come off…it’s bulletproof.:joy::joy::joy:


Hey @dfarmer, have you seen this?
Opps, I see @bruceaulrich talked about it above, but hadn’t posted his work yet. It’s awesome!


I tried 3 coats of dry mol on brass and 100/100 but it all came off. Would more coats or slower speed help?

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