Engraving Brie Cheese

I have wanted to engrave brie cheese for some time now, and I finally did it! I have tried both Aldi brand brie (Emporium Selection Brie Cheese Round) and Kroger brand brie (private selection).

I had much better luck with the Aldi brand because the rind is consistent and smooth, making the engraving process more consistent. Kroger brand was not coated consistently, and some areas were able to be engraved, and some were not. It may be trial and error if you do not have an Aldi near you.

Both cheese brands were 1 inch thick, so I removed the crumb tray and placed .4” risers, and set the cheese on a .4” cutting board. With the material being 1.8” total (without the crumb tray…so -1.4”) I set the material to custom .4” height.

Inside the cardboard, the cheese is wrapped in paper and sealed with a sticker; that side is less smooth because of the folds, so flip it over and try the other side.

The settings I found best for the Aldi brand were:

Engraving- 800/15/270 (2 passes where necessary)

Scoring- 500/20

Please share if you try this out!


That’s what you get for not using proofgrade brie. :slight_smile:


I guess as long as the brie is completely sealed it should still be food-safe?

Since you are just engraving the wrapper?

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Brie has a mold rind surrounding the soft inside. The rind is edible too. Looks like they engraved the rind.


If they are engraving straight onto the rind, I wouldn’t eat it unless it is a machine that has only been used for food-grade materials.


The laser beam is totally sterile, regardless of what it may have cut before. :wink:


But the fan is not.

Do you want a fan with MDF gunk on it blowing on your food?

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It is more decorative, but if you decide to eat it you can cut off the engraved top and only eat the bottom half was covered with the wrapper. Definitely at your own risk and not FDA approved unless you’ve only used your GF for food!


I engraved the rind


Cool engraving!

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I’m the dummy that eats raw cookie dough when I’m baking, so this doesn’t worry me too much.


I understand that it is “probably” okay, and a little dirt won’t kill you.

But posts about warnings and measures taken before make me hesitant to do it myself.

I’m not very Fondue on the idea, But who am I to diss a brie?


After all the warnings about food contamination…

I love your play on words with this engrave.

Edit: Looks like I was a little slow on the upload!


Yes, definitely a personal choice and at your own risk! It is important to educate yourself and make your decision accordingly.

Yesss! I’m glad you included this! And someone has to give the disclaimer! :slight_smile:

Isn’t the fan meant to suck out the debris, and not re-blow it all around? :joy_cat:

Your caution is appreciated, many of the new and inexperienced users of this sophisticated equipment may not know that there are possible health hazards on eating anything that comes out of a laser… or eating anything, for that matter :sweat_smile: Good of you to make a note about it, and as always, each user must decide their own comfort levels of caution.

(I’m also guilty of eating cookie dough before cooking! Probably more likely to get salmonella from spinach than eggs anymore anyway :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:)

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I am referring to the air assist fan that blows on the laser contact surface.


You did an awesome job! Great idea!

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Same. :slight_smile: