Engraving cutting board issues

I’m trying to engrave on a cutting bird and I realiZed I dont Need to mask it with protecting tape.
It’s safe just to put the cutting board in?

Yep! You might get a little smoky residue, but it should wipe off easily on a cutting board.

(Moving this to Beyond the Manual, since Support can’t give advice on use of non-PG materials.)

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It made me take out the crumb tray even though it was right at .5 inches.
Is there any specific setting/speed I need To set for cutting boards?

Yeah, your air assist would have bumped that.

Settings are going to vary depending on the material and finish of your cutting board. If you do a search here in Beyond the Manual, you will probably come up with some suggestions to start with. :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Just to be sure, it’s a wooden cutting board, yes?

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Pedant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


depending on the image I am adding to the cutting board, I find that not having it masked is easier to sand away burns.

Also, if you are doing fonts, you can get sharper lettering by outlining the letters in inkscape, then outputting an SVG. Then score that vector outline.

I’ve done a bunch of cutting boards this year, it is the easiest present on the glowforge, and it seems like everyone wants one.

here is my google photo album of glowforge projects:

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