Engraving ends up offcenter

I made some personalized coasters and the machine printed offcenter even though the image on the screen showed that they were centered. Picture #1 is what the screen showed during print and picture #2 is the result. I just received my Pro a few days ago, so I can’t imagine it’s a cleaning or belt issue. Thoughts?

Have you done the Calibration and Set Focus before arranging the images?
If not then that is a normal effect of not doing so.


The lid camera has a fisheye lens and is only warranted to be accurate for placement to within 1/4". That being said, you can insure accurate alignment in other ways. Always use the set focus tool prior to placing your artwork, and make sure that the beam lands squarely on the material. You can use the set focus tool multiple times bedfore printing. If you need precise placement, you should make a jig or rely more heavily on the placement tool.


Yep, exactly as stated above. If you’ll notice, the middle one is 'most centered then as the fisheye expands the others are worse. This is normal. Read about jigs, that will help you and works every time!!


Here is what I do for this kind of project:
I use Inkscape so I create a circle just a little smaller than the coaster. This will make centering the image on the coaster easier. Use a different color than your image. Center the graphic inside that circle, save it and bring it into the dashboard.
Use “set focus” and make sure the red beam hits the surface of your material.
Then and only then…
drag the image where you need it.
Set the circle to “ignore”.
Set your graphic to engrave and give it your preferred settings.
It should be perfect.


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