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I was curious if anyone had any luck/experience engraving on paper. Specifically, using their GF to address heavy A5 (or any) envelopes. I have some invites I need to send out soon and thought maybe I could use my glowforge to really make them pop, but wanted to know of other users’ experiences.

If you have had luck with this, what settings did you find successful?

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There’s a setting for 20# paper in the GF that would most likely work well. I have engraved paper using that setting. I’d start there then dial down/up depending on your result…


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Testing new material is always your best bet. As already stated, a good place to start is the Proofgrade 20# paper setting.


I would try proofgrade paper settings but I haven’t done this yet


… and watch it like a hawk (and have your fire extinguisher handy.)

That’s going to be a tedious way to “print” envelopes, unless you’re talking about just a handful. Sometimes the laser is not the best tool for the job.


It’s really just a handful, to write out names/addresses in a fancy way. I’ll test it out on one and see how it does, and kind of go from there

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Thank you for the suggestions!

I’ve done engraving on cardstock and it looks cool, but I don’t think I’d bother with paper. It’s likely to burn through and ruin the integrity of the paper (as well as not having a sturdy address area) and I don’t think it’s going to add much to the look. That said, I always like a good experiment. I hope you share back your results.


I imagine the mark can’t be made very dark without burning through the paper, which leaves you with something that either may not scan well through the automated sorting machines, or may fall apart around the engraving when run through the automated sorting machines. Either way, you end up with invites not getting to their recipients. Most printers can accept a stack of envelopes to print on with ink, so you can print any design you would have engraved.

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I’ve been printing about 120 envelopes at Christmas for almost 30 years. I use a nice clear font for the address and something nicer for the return, alongside a different color graphic every year. Takes about an hour on a regular home-use inkjet. Back in the day I would also print the “air mail” stamp in red.

Paper does not produce a nice bold print. Fine for decorative stuff.


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