Engraving Help ...Need to engrave both sides of wood

Hello fellow GF’ers,

Please help me.

I am working to engrave both sides of 1/8 thick walnut hardwood.

The issue I am finding is the font will cut through on the opposite side cause it’s reaching the depth of the first side of engraving. I know I can adjust the engraving…just not sure how. I see some options under “manual” just not sure what settings. I need it to engrave just a little less than the norm, so I can engrave both sides. Any help is appreciated

Any recommendation or help is greatly appreciated.

If you increase the speed or lower the power it will be shallower. You may need to experiment with scraps first.


Reset the Proofgrade settings and try the Draft Graphic Engrave setting - it will not burn as deeply.


Wow…this is great… I will try it now.

Thank you.


ok perfect. I will play around and see what works. I appreciate you taking the time and helping me out.

Thanks again,


@Jules …it’s worked.

I am so thankful.

Thanks again


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