Engraving is creating a "shadow"

My engravings have started to appear with a shadow that is not a part of the engraving design.

This is the resulting engraving.

This is the original artwork (Illustrator .svg file)

The engraving should match the black artwork where the line weights should be consistent on the perimeter.
Not that I think it should matter, but I am engraving on medium draftboard; 1000/FULL @225 lpi.!

I’m not sure how this is happening or how to correct it. Any help is appreciated.

it looks like you’re probably out of focus. did you use set focus on the material before engraving?

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The issue seems to appear in the uploading process from the Illustrator file to the Glowforge. You can see that the uploaded engraving has the uneven line weights.

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I think I solved the issue, I think.

My older files were uploading just fine, so I decided to redraw this image and it also uploaded just fine; without the shadowing.
Even though I could find nothing evident in the old file, there may have been a ghost layer of the image (slightly offset) that was being picked up by the upload to the GUI.
That’s all I think of.

Glad you solved it. There are definitely some subtleties that can sneak in, especially to designs that are more artistic than geometrical. If you’re ok sharing the file, someone can probably figure out what went wrong.

One thing I have incorporated into my workflow is to rasterize anything I’m planning to engrave. This tends to take the surprises out, because it converts the drawing instructions (which sometimes differ in how Glowforge interprets them) into an image. Then I don’t have to worry about overlaps, stroke widths, winding rules, and all the other stuff that can cause “what you see is not what you get”.

one other occasional benefit of rasterizing your engrave is that if there are multiple pieces of vector art, a rasterized version will engrave as one object as opposed to sometimes as multiple objects in a way that’s sometimes less efficient.

Hi Jason,

I am sorry you were experiencing this issue.
However, I am glad to see that you were able to resolve this issue.
I do not see anything on our end for why this might have happened.
Sometimes errors like this can happen during export.
If this becomes a recurring problem please do not hesitate to reach out to support@glowforge.com with any questions.

Happy Printing!