Engraving jpg

I made all kinds of deisngs just by uploading a jpg to engrave. Now today is doesn’t want to. Not sure why. I kept everything the same. It will engrave an svg no problem. Any ideas?

What is happening, exactly?

Could you please share one of these files that are causing you trouble?

The laser is doing the actions as if it was engraving the area but the laser itself is not printing.

Any jpg I put on to engrave is not working. Has to be something simple but not sure what

What’s your power setting?

  1. Dont want to burn too deep

Can you double check it? Sometimes it gets reset to 1 and people don’t notice, and this happens. It would help to know what material you’re using, and see an example of one of the jpgs that isn’t working.

Ill check it out. Thanks

Figured it out. The first few passes were blank so I thought it wasnt working. Turns out the area was blank and it works fine now. LOL thank you for the help though


Glad you got it figured out!


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