Engraving lighter letter with names darker on top

I am not sure how to make the glowforge engrave different shades/colors so that they stand out .Help???

You adjust engraving depth by changing speed/power/lpi. However, many materials are not going to show much difference because they are basically just two layers of material. When the top layer is engraved away, the next layer is exposed, but there is no third layer for a different color/contrast.


I am very new to the glowforge machine. When adjusting the speed would the speed be increasing and the Lpi lower? Sorry if these are dumb questions.

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There are no dumb questions rosemary. If I understand your question, LPI (lines per inch) is a resolution adjustment and is independent of speed. Power, speed, and LPI are the three adjustments available.
Slower speed will deposit more heat, just as higher power would. Don’t worry, these concepts will become clear to you with use.


These are not dumb questions.

My suggestion is that you read through the link I am sharing regarding manual mode settings on the Glowforge. For deeper engraves, the speed is slowed and/or the power and lpi is increased.


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