Engraving Linear Gradient Bitmaps

Testing… Testing…

Sorry for the quality but I dont have any thicker material so I glued up 3 layers of PG clear and let 'er rip.

This is the view looking into the edge of a linear gradient.

Looks pretty darn linear to me!!




What he said. Whoof!


Hey, how many passes?

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Sweet. Now all you need is a jig to do it from the back.

Heh… umm… 2. Two passes.

First pass was a fairly normal engraving type pass.

Second pass was… shall we say, aggressive. Like, so aggressive and non-standard @dan doesn’t want them shared in the Made on a Glowforge section because they really fit more the “Beyond The Manual” section.


Real pyro, huh? :fire_engine: :laughing:

That’s okay - I’ll take it a little faster. I don’t mind 3 or 4 passes.


Oh it didnt flame out but it did burn through at the very bottom. :slight_smile: I mean, it’s basically using cutting power and speed but under the engraving section so you can map the power to gray level.


Hmmmmnnn. Thanks.

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Something tells me there is going to be a short-lived “How deep can you engrave in one pass” competition.


No problem.

What I’ve noticed about the automagical settings for ProofGrade, is the engrave options are set to maximize the head speed and reduce time. The deeper options all supply full power as it is, so if you want to engrave even deeper you can slow the head speed or run multiple passes.

The trick about running multiple passes is the darker the area is, the more accelerated rate at which it gets deeper so a linear gradient art will produce a curved engrave if you run multiple passes. That’s exactly how that donut in my other post was made - that was linear gradient artwork.


Only difference between engraving, scoring and cutting is laser power and speed. The stock settings for deep engraves are already set for full laser power, but because they’re also set for full speed, they don’t burn through the material.

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Wonder how long that will be the case though? They might slap a limit on that. (Which is why I was Hmmmmnnnn - ing earlier.)

We’ll see what develops. I want to play with gradients at edges to get a beveled effect when I can get back to playing a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Keep pushin’ and posting it man!


ha! I found that one out the hard way. I assumed that when I clicked on CUT, that the power and speed were interpreted one way, and when I was in either ENGRAVE or SCORE, I was in different “brackets”.

AKA - I thought that 100 power in cut was different than 100 power in Engrave. The burning on my test stick proved to me otherwise.