Engraving Lines?

I am 99.8% positive I used a “tried & true” engraving setting (1000/84/225) but these pixelated-like lines showed up rather than being a clear engraved letter, I upped my LPI to 340 and everything was fine; a little deeper of an engraving than I would like but whatever.

Thoughts on why the lines showed up?

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I’ve now made 7 tester engraves & I’m still line heavy :rage:

No one else is having issues with engraving?

I have no idea what you are referring to.

My settings for engraving have gone to poop.

The saved cut I once had now shows “pixelated” lines.

Left was the original cut done a few months, right is last night. The right you can see the lines, like it no longer is a smooth, deep engrave.

Did you change the LPI somewhere along the way?

I didn’t. You would’ve thought I did based on how shoddy the engraving is.

Settings used for both was 1000/84/225; PG Cherry hardwood.

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Well you could always try increasing the LPI or slightly defocusing the laser to smooth out between the passes perhaps.

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I think that’s my current fix right now, I’ve upped the LPI to 340.

I’ll have to try defocusing. I did email Glowforge :confused: I know I’m not going crazy.

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Good luck and if they find a solution please let the rest of us know what they suggested

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Is this a bitmap or a vector? They recently changed the vectors so they’d look more like the bitmaps…


I cut the gift of good measure to see if it was just human error & its still full of lines/not smooth like something is making the laser jump.

Yeah, definitely not like it should look - and also I think a stronger cut than it should be. You should either email that picture to support@ or open a post in P&S and hopefully a staff member can see something in your logs

I’m experiencing the same… I’m going to clean the carriage and rollers. The engrave quality is marked reduced lately.

Yeah, a “lately” almost always means cleaning. There are multiple places that need to be cleaned. The instructions at support.glowforge.com are very thorough!

I ended up needing to replace the front carriage wheel; it had split! Cutting was ok but the engraving was so shoddy so I’m guessing the other 3 wheels were over-compensating for the broken 4th wheel.

Glowforge replaced under warranty & all is well!