Engraving many cutting boards, How to get the same?

Hi all. I need to engrave several cutting boards and need them to be the same. I thought I could just make a jig out of cardboard, but then realized there may end up being a depth issue.
Does anyone know how I can achieve engraving multiple boards getting them the same?

Make a jig as you planned. You can elevate the cardboard to the same level as the surface of the cutting boards.


I recently did 50 cutting boards and I used a jig and it worked well. But I didn’t go through the trouble a making a cardboard one, and instead just taped down a straight piece of scrap wood at the bottom of the tray and another on the left side, and that allowed me to plop the boards down in the same spot every time.

And if you can fit more than one board on the tray at a time, I’d suggest combining your artwork into a single file instead of having smaller individual files for each board, and that will make the engraving go a bit faster. (I’m not sure if that makes sense, so here’s an example of what I mean. This was set up for two boards at a time, but the blue engraving part is just one file.)


Thank you so much. This is very helpful.


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