Engraving off center

How often do you need to calibrate? I line my designs up perfectly and when I go to print, the designs shifts to the right. I calibrated my machine a couple of weeks ago when it was doing this. Do I need to keep calibrating? I cleaned my lens and the crumb tray. Any suggestions?

Once, about 3 years ago - or whenever the procedure was released. Been so long now, I forget.

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Do you use set focus before you place your art?


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I have only done the lid camera calibration two times, and the second time was after a firmware update and suggested by Glowforge. As stated above, use the set focus tool properly and realize that your best results will be directly under the camera. If you need very precise placement, use a jig.


The camera is a fisheye and you cannot (very well) eye it and line it up…if you put it directly under the camera you get the best alignment if doing it by sight. Not sure if that’s the issue-you may already be aware of that…

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