Engraving on Jewelry Problems

I just got my GF for my classroom and experimenting with different projects and applications this summer to teach my students next year. I want to try etching on the back of a necklace. I took piece of hand writing and traced it using the GF. I then placed the jewelry inside. I aligned / focused the words to back of the jewelry and used settings I found on a youtube jewelry video. I also bought a can of CerMark to spray over the back of the jewelry. (I did 3 coats??). I used the following settings that someones had used in a video as well ( 600 Speed, 100 power, 225 LPI)

It seemed to etch the back of the jewelry but quickly wiped off when I cleaned the CerMark off afterwards. I have also seen videos of people etching on a knife which I would like to try. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Is it the jewelry piece itself (unknown material - looks like metal or perhaps a form a plastic) Did not want to try too expensive stuff on first try.
Is it my settings?
Most likely some type of user error.

Thanks I appreciate any help. Chris

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It is important that you know the material compostion of all items that you engrave in the Glowforge as some materials will damage the Glowforge. That being said, it is very hard to give advice concerning your issue since you don’t know if you are marking metal or engraving plastic. In general, CerMark works well on many types of metal, but surface preparation is important to success.

I am going to move this to Beyond the Manual as this question is not for Glowforge Support as it concerns non Proofgrade materials.


Most likely Cermark won’t do anything on plastic as I think it’s made for metals only. Plus, if the back of the piece was plastic, it would probably have shown at least some kinds of engrave from the laser beam. I have used LaserBond 100, which is a similar marking medium and it worked very well on stainless steel. As @dklgood suggested, you need to do more research on the material the necklace is made of…and read the label on the can of Cermark to see which materials they recommend for best results.

Edit; one more suggestion…do a search here on the forum. There are so many posts about Cermark, LaserBond, metal marking, etc. that you will probably get some really good insights about what you’d like to be doing.


Thank you, went back and did some more research. I ordered Cermark as well.

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