Engraving on Mother of Pearl

Hey All,
Apologize if this has been covered, but I’ve looked through the forums and have only found information regarding Mother of Pearl inlays for projects.

I have a very client that will be hosting an out of town event for their VIP’s, and they are looking to order these mother of pearl caviar spoons (link below), and were wondering if I’d be able to engrave each client’s name on them. I’m pretty sure they’d be willing to order an additional for me to test on beforehand, but is this even doable with the Glowforge before I respond? I also have a hand engraver that I use for some projects, and in case you who happens to be reading this hand engraves as well, is that doable if need be?


Thank you in advance for the info.

Google had some interesting examples. Here is one: Polyton Industries - Laser Works | Taguig

Some people said engraving Mother of Pearl would result in poor contrast, some said it worked great, many said it was a good idea to take care not to inhale the resulting dust.


Thank you for sending this over, I appreciate it!

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