Engraving on unknown wood

Hi all,

I’m trying to engrave on these mini mallets - no description on the type of wood and I tried GF ply n dartboard settings with no success.

Are you asking for suggestions?

If so, what are the dimensions on the mallets, and how did you set your job up?

What do you mean you had no success?? Do you mean there were no marks made by the laser?

@evansd2 @dklgood Apologises, the settings pretty much burn through the wood. I’m hoping for engrave setting advice. The mallet about 5inches long

Try 800 speed / 60power to see if you get a mark, and either speed it up or set the laser to a higher power depending on if you want the engrave to be less or deeper. It would really help to know the height of the mallet when it is lying down and if you are engraving the handle or the head of it (different heights!).

try 1000/30. That should give you a light engrave. From there you can decide how much more power you want to give it.

Too much burn means you need to speed up or reduce power. Your best bet is to test.

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