Engraving OOAK item

I’ve scoured the forums for awhile and couldn’t find any posts on this topic - I’ve seen the ones on how to make jigs but I feel this is different because the wood is a different thickness.

Someone came up to me and asked me to engrave their name and date on a one of a kind, keepsake ornament that she wants to give me. I’m terrified the alignment will be off and it will ruin the keepsake. I was thinking I can put a slab of wood in so I have an idea where it would engrave, but I don’t have the same thickness of wood so I’m fearful it won’t be exact. Is there any way to do a ‘test run’?

Thank you!

tape it up and engrave at 1 power. it will mark the tape and not the wood


Probably the easiest GF way is to mask the product, put a score line around the design, score the design fast and low power (to mark only the masking!) and verify by sight.

I don’t have suggested settings for the score, but lots of them around here, I bet.


Genius. Thank you

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