Engraving or cutting MFD that has been painted with indoor water based wall paint

Does anyone know if it’s save to engrave or cut MDF which I have painted with standard indoor water based wall paint? Has anyone tried it? I was thinking of painting the sheet and then adding application tape to protect it while it’s engraving and see what it comes out like. But I was not sure if this pain was safe enough or if I should use acrylic spray paint instead?

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There are so many paints out there… and even within the same manufacturer of paints, the SDS can vary.

I’d try to locate the SDS for the exact paint you’re using.

Yup, I do it all the time… As long as it’s water based, you’re fine.

Depending on your mdf, you may have to lightly sand the surface for adhesion…I had one batch that seemed to be coated with an oily film and the paint beaded on it…only happened once…

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