Engraving outside the area

HELP, loosing a lot of material. Engraving is coming out of the material on pan, also size bigger then I wanted. Imagine on computer is one thing BUT is engraving outside of material and Bigger

I have no idea what that means.

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Did you use Set Focus before moving the image to where you wanted it to engrave on the material? If you don’t it will end up in a different place as the lid camera adjusts for the fisheye effect - Set Focus forces the adjustment so where you place it on screen is where it will engrave. Otherwise the adjustment doesn’t get made until it scans the material just before engraving.


I wrote what I want to engrave on the right spot. Choose material, thickness of material, all good. Pressed button to print, and when start to engraving, the laser is printing outside of the material.

Okay, it seems you did not use Set Focus.

However, if you set the material & thickness correctly it should still be in the right spot. So instead of doing that after you put what you want to engrave on the right spot, do it first and then move your engrave where you want it.

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will try right now.
Also I have to keep clicking the “<” bottom on the top page, because I didn’t figure out HOW to do these chats and keep the screen for my engraving work.

If you’ve bumped or moved your print head since turning on your Glowforge, all subsequent jobs will also start from the wrong position. The machine has no way to track someone else moving its print head. You can fix that by turning it off then back on.


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