Engraving patent plates / knife jewelry on Rowmark Lasermark


Since i have mostly sponged off of information shared on the forums, i thought i would share a few items made using Rowmark Lasermark dual core acrylic materials.

I am on a Glowforge Basic.

I think i have engraving settings dialed in perfect:
Speed: 1000
Power: 30
LPI: I have been using 675
Focus height: .06

Cut (disclaimer below)
Speed: 200
Power: Full
Focus height: .06

Disclaimer: I think this cut speed is too low. I will continue to experiment, but i get residue around edges and some warping at this cut speed. I believe that 300-400 is better speed for cutting. Will experiment and update.

I have used the white face with black core for the patent plate and brushed sliver face with black core for the knives. (Knives were requested by a friend who saw them worn by a certain celeb).

(edit - i will take better photos of the patent plate engraving - the attached photos do not do it justice)


Cuuuuute! (It’s so tiny! And looks like the real thing!) :slightly_smiling_face:


The lego engrave came out nicely. Do you have a link to the actual product?

Product link for the white engravable plastic with black core:


Oh gosh, those knives are adorable! Want one.

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Incredible contrast, thanks for the share and settings.

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FYI - I tried to cut at 350 speed / full power and it did not cut though and the cut quality was much worse overall. I think that 200 is the optimal speed. I believe you need to cut first with the masking on, then remove the masking to engrave for the best results. May also want to add masking to the back as well around the anticipated cutting edges - as the cutting seams to deposit some material on the back of the part. I will experiment more and report back.

I love patent engravings. I did the Wright bros, Flyer on a ceramic tile.

You know you could sell those knives. tiny food is a thing: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/people-and-culture/food/the-plate/2016/06/teeny-tiny-food/


Love those knives! Patent plates are very cool!