Engraving PLA?

I know plastic can be a mixed bag (and generally to be avoided) but what about PLA from a 3D printer? Anyone tried it? Good? Bad? Avoid? Supposedly it’s made from cornstarch or something?

Googling PLA MSDS might get results. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone specifically mention it here.

Looks like combustion releases some aldehydes which doesn’t sound super great but it’s a question of “how much”.

If your ventilation is really good I bet it would be ok as long as you don’t catch it on fire or melt it into your honeycomb.

Doable, but I’m not sure I can find it again. Use a low power and fast speed.

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Given the fact that it is heated to a high temperature in a 3D printer, I would think the risks are similar from a particulate standpoint.

I would be more concerned, and more focused on risks of melting and igniting.

Just keep in mind that different vendors and different colors & combinations of PLA might have different risks. For instance, I’m not sure if any of the mixed material PLA options pose additional risks; e.g. carbon fiber PLA and metal PLA variants.

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