Engraving/Scoring/Cutting much stronger than normal on ProofGrade today?

I just did a print with a file I successfully use often with Proofgrade Light Maple Plywood. The scored letters cut all the way through instead of the nice normal score. Same for engraves and cuts.
Has the power been upped or my machine?
Anyone seeing similar results?

More likely that there’s something wrong with the material (is it hollow inside perhaps?) or the wrong material and settings were paired.


I guess that’s a possibility (fault in materials). But I’d successfully used other parts of the same boards yesterday. It happened on 2 different boards too.
I double checked the Proofgrade selection it is correct too…

Very peculiar - email support with photos and date/time of the job, PG materials are guaranteed to work with PG settings, they may reimburse you for the materials.


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